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Next show::

AKA / Waukon Firemen’s Ball!!
Wednesday, November 25th, 2015!!
Waukon Banquet Center! 8pm is show time!!


Keep an eye on our facebook page for our shows and updates for 2015!

See you soon!!

The Caminos



Next show: Waukon Fire Dept Fundraiser!! Saturday, June 20th, 2015!!
Waukon Banquet Center! 8pm is show time!!


Keep an eye on our facebook page for our shows and updates for 2015!

See you soon!!

The Caminos



We’ve been having a great year so far!!

Just a reminder to keep an eye on our facebook page for our shows and updates for 2015!

See you soon!!

The Caminos



A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

Just wanted to drop a note here to let you all know that the band is still alive.

We’ll be playing some shows in 2015. Keep an eye on our facebook page for updates, etc.

See you soon!!

The Caminos





Hey there everyone!

Thought we’d take a moment and let everyone know that we’ll be in Blair, WI this Friday evening September 12, 2014 at Cheese Fest!  We play from 9pm to 1am!  Come on out and enjoy some cold beverages and some live rock and roll!


See you soon!!

The Caminos



Hello everyone!

We had a blast just a couple weeks ago in good ol’ Hawkeye, IA! What a great name for a little town in Iowa!! We had a blast!  Glad everyone made it out to the show! We are always happy to see you!

Our next show is Friday, July 25th at Canopy #5 at Nordic Fest in wonderful, Decorah, IA!  They’ve been doing this big party for 48 years!!  Come on out, have a few cold ones,  and sing along with us! Show starts around 8pm.


The very next night (Saturday, July 26th) we’ll be in Elkader, IA celebrating another summer tradition: Sweet Corn Days!  We are looking forward to this one as well! We’ll be sharing the stage with our brothers in The New Black 7! So it’ll be a special treat!  Lots of rock and lots of country!


See you soon!!

The Caminos





Hello there, Camino friends!

Glad to see you’ve stopped by for a minute!  Temps are up in the 60′s! The sun  has appeared at least once this “spring” so far and we’re getting pumped for some great shows this summer!  We hope to see you, yes YOU, at a show or two this summer! We look forward to catching up on things! Take a look at out “Dates” page and you’ll see where we’ll be!

Speaking of that, the next show will be on Saturday, May 17th at the Fest Building in lovely Spring Grove, MN! We’ll be celebrating Syttende Mai with the good Norwegian folks of Southeast Minnesota!    Everyone can be Norwegian for a day!  So come on out and celebrate with us! Show starts around 8pm.

Until we meet again,

The Caminos



Well here we are again! Halfway through month #3 of 2014 and we’ve been having a blast so far this year! We just played a hell of a bash in Waukon, IA last weekend at the Waukon Reception Center for St. Patty’s Day! Thanks  to Audrea and the fantastic staff there for always making us feel at home! We always look forward to St. Patrick’s Day in Waukon, IA… who knows maybe we’ll do it again next year?

We have about a month off as we gear up for a couple exciting events: 1) our singer, James, and his wife are expecting another little bundle of joy to arrive within the next couple weeks! We love him and his family dearly and send them huge congratulations on the next little Deeney to arrive soon! 2) We have a show in Clermont, IA at Brick City coming up on April 19th, and we need you all to show up and party it up with us that night! We’ll have some more new tunes to share and we’ll have a new member of the Caminos extended family to celebrate too!!

We just added a new show to the “Dates” page as well. This September we’ll be in Blair, WI for their yearly Cheesefest celebration!  Check out our other dates too by clicking the “Dates” link on this page…

We hope you’re all having a great March! See you all soon!!


Hello everyone! So glad to see everyone out in Caledonia, MN at The Back 40 last weekend and not long before that at Goodfella’s in Waukon, IA! We’re starting off 2014 with a bang! Thank you all for attending the first couple of shows of 2014!  It means the world to us!!

The next show is Saturday, March 1st, 2014 at Nob Hill, Decorah, IA! We’re working with the lovely Xi Omicron ladies so raise money for the local Decorah Red Cross!  The money goes to help many local families! We’re proud to be a part of this show three years running!   We need to fill that place with people that are ready to party!! The show starts at 8pm!!

See you there!!

The El Caminos




Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to everyone on Camino-land! We all had a great holiday season and we hope you all did too! We also hope everyone got to spend some quality time with family and friends! We all did and it was fantastic! We were able to get some R&R and recharge the batteries; relax, you know… just chill out for a bit!!

We all made our New Year’s resolutions as well; one of them is to play some more rock and roll in 2014! We’re pretty sure we’re going to make that happen starting in just a week or so when we hit Goodfella’s in Waukon, IA – we ALWAYS have a great time there and this will be no exception!!

Hope to see you there!!

The El Caminos



Halloween was awesome as always in Decorah, IA at the Elk’s Club! We can’t thank the crew there enough for putting together a fun show!

We’re gearing up now for the next show! We’ll be in Waukon, IA on Wednesday evening, November 27th at the Waukon Reception Center for the Firemen’s Ball! Show will start at 8pm! So we look forward to seeing all your smiling half-in-the-bag faces there celebrating Thanksgiving with us!!

We’ll see you in a few weeks!!

The El Caminos



We had a blast in Rochester, MN this week! We performed at the Mayo Civic Center for a fun Mayo Clinic Employee Appreciation party on Tuesday evening! That might open the door to some more shows in Rochester in the future!? Who knows? Big thanks to Steve Meade @ ProBookings.com and the whole staff at Mayo Civic Center for putting that show together!

So we’re sure you’ve heard by now that we’ll be in Decorah, IA on Saturday, October 26th right? So get your Halloween gear together and get your plans made to be at the Elk’s Club that night to party with us!! Halloween is our favorite holiday and we love to share it!!

See you all next weekend!!

The El Caminos



It was in a bit nippy in Clermont, IA at Brick City over the weekend but sharing the stage with our brothers in The New Black 7 definitely warmed everyone up!  Lots of  beers and a few Jager shots and we were ready to go!  We had a blast!!   We send out a big thank you to all our brave friends and fans for showing up and being real troopers in that chilly weather!!  You all definitely make it worth our while!  Also a big round of applause to Jeff and the staff at Brick City for their unwavering support of both The El Caminos and The New Black 7!  We all appreciate it so much!

Your next chance to see and hang out with The El Caminos will be in Decorah, IA on Saturday, October 26th at our usual Halloween “haunt”;  The Elks Club Halloween Bash!! Band starts at 8pm or so.  We’ll see who shows up to play?   It could be super heros? It could be some 80′s rock band? It could be 70′s detectives or maybe even a bunch of mechanics?

We’ll see you then…

The El Caminos



It was so nice to see so many familiar faces in Harpers Ferry, IA last weekend! We really had a blast! We’re looking forward to seeing many of you again in a few short weeks on September 21st in Clermont, IA at Brick City!  That show will be a special one that features The El Caminos sharing the stage with our buddies in The New Black 7!

See you then!

The El Caminos




We had a blast in Elkader, IA just a few weeks back for Sweet Corn Days!! It was a scorcher of a day but it turned out to be a great evening for rock and roll!

Sorry we missed you all at Country On The River! A scheduling snafu kept The Caminos away from performing there this year! We hate it when that happens… maybe next year!!

We’ve added a show or two to our schedule. Go check that out when you have a minute and put those dates on your calendars!!

Next show in in Harpers Ferry, IA on August 31st!! See you there!


The El Caminos





A BIG THANK YOU to RIVERFEST  in La Crosse, WI for having us open the Cheap Trick show last week! We’re truly blessed and honored to have been a part of that show!! We had a blast!!  Sharing the stage with true icons of rock is always a fun and humbling experience!

We’ll be in Elkader, IA this coming Saturday, July 20th to celebrate 50 years of Sweet Corn Days!! We’ll be in the beer garden on South Main Street in front of Drew’s Bar & Grille for “Cornstock 2013″. Show starts at 9pm!! We’re looking forward to partying with all of the sweet corn lovers, beer drinkers, and hell raisers of NE Iowa!!

More updates soon!!

The El Caminos



Hello everyone!!
We had a blast opening for the Lo Cash Cowboys over the weekend in Saratoga, IA! Glad to see some familiar faces at that show and also glad to make some new friends as well! We appreciate that everyone came out in weather that wasn’t ideal for a good rock and country show!  So… many kudos to all of you!!

Our next show is at RIVERFEST in La Crosse, WI  on July 3rd at 6pm! We’re on before one of the greatest rock bands ever – CHEAP TRICK!!!   We’re looking forward to the show!  Get your tickets here: http://riverfestlacrosse.com/cheap-trick/

We’ll see you soon!

The El Caminos



Hello all!!
Great to see you!  Is that a new jacket? Did you do something new with your hair? You are definitely lookin’ better than ever!!

Guess what!! We’ve been spending a little extra time in the Camino Bunker lately working up some new tunes! Can’t wait to share them with you!!  These tunes will be revealed soon!!

Also wanted to remind you all, that we’ll be opening for The LO CASH COWBOYS this weekend in Saratoga, IA! (June 8th at 8pm)  We’re filling in for our brothers in the New Black 7 when they had some booking snafus and realized they weren’t going to be able to make it!  So they asked us to step in and fill that slot with a slab of rock and country!! We know what we’re doing; we’re professionals!   Get me details on our FB page…. www.facebook.com/el.caminos

After that, our next show is at RIVERFEST in La Crosse, WI  on opening night!  That’s on July 3rd at 6pm – we’re followed by, none other than one of the greatest rock bands of the last 30 years, CHEAP TRICK!!!   We love them to pieces and hope you do too!!

Get your tickets here: http://riverfestlacrosse.com/cheap-trick/

Sincerely yours,

The El Caminos



Hello CaminoLand!

We just wanted to post a little reminder here on the website that we’ll be in WAUKON, IA on MAY 4 at GOODFELLA’S!  We’ll be celebrating CINCO DE MAYO! Come on out and party with us!  We’ll be on stage right around 9pm. For more information head on over to our Facebook page!! www.facebook.com/el.caminos

More updates soon!


The El Caminos

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First and foremost, thank you for visiting our website!!
We’re looking forward to a wonderful 2013 and we hope you are too!!

There’s been a lot of speculation about what is going on with the band and what we are planning for the future… So, we’re going to answer the three BIG questions,…read on:

1) Is the band breaking up?

The El Caminos are NOT breaking up… we repeat, we are NOT breaking up!!! We enjoy what we do tremendously and we just couldn’t imagine ending something that we all have so much fun doing!!

2) Will you be booking more shows?

Yes! However, we’re going to be playing fewer shows this year. The guys in the band have been extremely busy with family and have been working on other musical projects. We all understand each others’ need to branch out -thus meaning we intend to work around those other projects but continue to book The El Caminos as much as we can! You can find out about any new shows on our “DATES” page on this website OR just link up with us on Facebook and we’ll keep you posted on any new shows and events that we’re involved in!! We’ll be booking more shows as the year moves on and dates become available… stay in touch if you want to book the band. Don’t be afraid to click on the “BOOK THE CAMINOS” link at the top of the page!

3) Who is the new bass player?

Well, he’s not “new” at all!! Mark Betthauser was actually the original bass player in the band!! Now that he’s back in the band you might hear some new songs and some old songs at some of the upcoming shows as we work on revamping our setlist! We hope you’ll welcome Mark back into the family!!

Thanks so much for all your questions and concern!! We love you all and appreciate your continued support! We do NOT take it for granted!

See you all soon!

Yours Truly,
The El Caminos